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Super Vaccine for Coronavirus- More Updates Duration: 1386
Microbiology / Virology

Learning Objectives

In this session, we will follow up on the fusion-protein-based vaccine for the coronaviruses. We will discuss the differences of this vaccine from the other vaccines.

  1. Is it a vaccine made in fetal tissue cell clones?
  2. Is it the same as novavax's vaccine for the SARS-COV-2?
  3. Is it the same as Ivermectin?
  4. Why is this vaccine potentially better than other vaccines?
  5. Why is it cheap to make?
  6. Why was this not made earlier?
  7. Is this a brand new technology-based vaccine?
  8. Who is this vaccine for?
  9. Was it built in Japan?



Dr. Mobeen Syed

Dr. Mobeen Syed

Mobeen Syed M.D, MS Graduated from King Edward Medical University. Entrepreneur, Medical Educator, CEO and founder of Drbeen corp.

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