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Embryology of the Heart Tubes Duration: 52:58 1 CME
Cardiovascular System / Embryology

Learning Objectives

In this lecture Dr. Mobeen will discuss:

1. Introduction to cardiovascular system embryology. (3:30)

2. Vasculogenesis/ Angiogenesis in the heart. (5:57)

3. Formation of the cavity of the heart. (7:00)

4. Mesodermal components of the heart. (15:36)

5. Cranial and lateral folding. (17:39)

6. Formation of the pericardial sac. (21:44)

7. Formation of the heart tube. (36:00)

8. Formation of the layers of the heart. (41:36)

9. Truncus arteriosus and ventricle cavities. (44:29)

10. Folding of the tube. (47:00)

11. Dextrocardia and kartagener syndrome. (51:50)


Dr. Mobeen Syed

Dr. Mobeen Syed

Mobeen Syed M.D, MS Graduated from King Edward Medical University. Entrepreneur, Medical Educator, CEO and founder of Drbeen corp.

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