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Spine, Vertebrae and Ligaments Duration: 22:40 0.5 CME
Nervous System / Neuroanatomy

Learning Objectives

In this lecture Dr. Adam Jones will discuss:

1. Introduction to spine. (00:44)

2. Functions of the vertebra. (2:58)

3. Thoracic vertebra and its parts. (4:10)

4. Lumbar vertebra. (7:44)

5. Spinal cord and nerve roots. (12:02)

6. Clinical importance for lumbar puncture. (16:13)

7. Supraspinous ligament and other ligaments. (18:11)

Presented by Dr. Adam Jones


 Adam Jones MD

Adam Jones MD

Dr. Adam Lee Jones M.D., MSc, BSc (Hons), PgCert, FHEA is a doctor from the United Kingdom. In addition to his clinical practice, he is a medical lecturer at Cardiff University and an anatomy demonstrator at Birmingham University. Dr. Jones is an aspiring otolaryngologist with a strong interest in anatomy, medical sciences, and public health. He enjoys teaching and utilizing animated medical illustrations to teach.