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Diagnosis and Treatment of Osteoarthritis Duration: 49:28
Musculoskeletal System / Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Learning Objectives

Learning objectives of this video are the following:

1. What is osteoarthritis?

2. Diagnosis.

3. Clinical presentation (sign and symptoms).

4. Various stages.

5. Detailed discussion of the most commonly affected joints.

6. Imaging of joints.

7. Calcium deposits- Major and minor sites of deposition.

8. Differential diagnosis.

9. Work up.

10. Treatment (non-pharmacological, pharmacological and surgical).

Presented by Dr. Ahmed Zaafran




Ahmed Zaafran, MD

Ahmed Zaafran, MD

Ahmed Zaafran, M.D, is a practicing anesthesiologist at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center. He is also an adjunct clinical assistant professor of anesthesiology at Stanford University School of Medicine.