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Dr. Zeshaan Maan Answers Your Surgery Related Questions

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We sit down with Dr. Zeshaan Maan (plastic surgery resident at Stanford) for a discussion of the management approach for facial lacerations. We ask questions from our audience from Instagram and YouTube as well.

Our Questions

How do you choose your suture material for laceration repairs?

When do you decide for deep sutures?

At what point do you decide to perform a repair in the OR vs. ER?

What is your preference for antibiotics?

When do you irrigate a wound?

Why do you always irrigate a wound?

What are challenging areas especially for facial plastic surgery?


Audience Questions


Sohail Ahmad’s asked: after repeated botox injections, will facial muscles lose their ability to frown?



doc don asked: How do they give shape to the nose?

Bushra Ali asked: If we don’t have access to surgical equipment and facilities, how do we become better at the surgery? (Paraphrasing.)


In this video we will learn about :

1. Introduction of Dr. Zeeshan Maan. 

2. Choice of suture for wound repair.

3. Antibiotics preference of Dr. Maan. 

4. Lacerations difficult to repair.

5. Effects of botulinum toxins.

6. Rhinoplasty basics. 




Dr. Mobeen Syed

Mobeen Syed M.D, MS Graduated from King Edward Medical University. Entrepreneur, Medical Educator, CEO and founder of Drbeen corp.

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