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Basic Management of Hand Trauma

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Good reference for ER Pts assessment

Zeshaan Maan M.D., discusses the basic management of hand trauma.
The following questions are answered:

  • What is a nail-bed injury?
  • When do you need to surgically treat it?
  • Can it be managed in the ER?
  • How do you manage finger lacerations?
  • How do you assess for blood vessel injury?
  • How do you assess for nerve injury?
  • How do you assess for tendon injury?
  •  What if there is a fracture?

In this video we will learn about :

1. Nail bed injury and treatment. 

2. Management of finger lacerations.

3. Assessment of blood vessel injury of hands.

4. Assessment of nerve injuries. 

5. Assessment of tendon injuries. 




Zeshaan Maan MD

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