Clinical Hepatic Diseases: Utilization of Liver Function Tests (LFT) | drbeen
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Clinical Hepatic Diseases: Utilization of Liver Function Tests (LFT) Duration: 53:42
Gastrointestinal System / Gastroenterology

Learning Objectives

In this video we will learn about :

1. Liver function test and interpretation. 

2. Acute and chronic hepatitis - diagnosis on LFTs results. 

3. Hepatitis serology markers and their time course.

4. Cirrhosis - causes, presentation, LFTs pattern and relevant tests. 

5. Complications of cirrhosis.

6. Primary biliary cholangitis and primary scelorsing cholangitis - clinical presentation and LFTs pattern. 

7. Hemochromatosis - types, presentation, LFTs and complications.

8. Wilson's disease - presentation and diagnosis. 

Presented by Dr. Sameer Islam


Sameer Islam, MD

Sameer Islam, MD

Sameer Islam MD, MBA is currently a Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine and a Consultant in Gastroenterology and Hepatology at Texas Tech University Health Science Center.

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