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What Does Chronic Inflammatory State Mean (Lecture 1)

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Jul 03 2023, 1:13 am

great, I am very visual and learn so much more; I am undrstanding my chronic inflammation; I will tell my NMD to sign up as I believe each doctor needs to understand this rocess



Jun 02 2022, 8:50 am

Oue body is facinating. Can't wait for the next lecture.

What Does Chronic Inflammatory State Mean? (Lecture 1)

Although innate immune stimuli contribute to chronic inflammation, the adaptive immune system is usually also involved and cytokines produced by T cells are powerful inducers of chronic inflammation
Abbas, Abul K.; Lichtman, Andrew H.; Pillai, Shiv. Cellular and Molecular Immunology E-Book (p. 94). Elsevier Health Sciences. Kindle Edition. 

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