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Variability in Electrolytes: Managing Clinical Conditions

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Feb 22 2023, 3:02 pm

The concentration of Na is higher outside the cell and concentration fo K is higher inside the cell. Na will diffuse into the cell and will not require energy becaise of concentration gradient. So why do you say Na needs Na-K Pump to shift into the cells? This video is substandard and the speaker is not adeauately prepared.



Jan 01 2023, 10:04 pm

Very informative

This is an overview of the different electrolytes in the human body, the pathologies associated with imbalances of them, and how to manage them clinically.

Learning objectives of this video are the following:

1. What are the different electrolytes present in human body? 

2. Pathologies associated with electrolyte imbalance

3. Clinical management 

Presented by Dr. Mobeen Syed

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