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Potential Role of Magnesium in Acute and Long COVID

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Jul 02 2023, 5:10 am

Astounding, how little attention is given to a potential nutrient Degiciency of one sort or another--I spent $$$ on docs and tests and none included Mag testing (or levels of other nutrients..B12, folate, zinc, B6)..



May 16 2023, 9:30 am

Can I suggest (with no medical credentials) that in a crisis, the quickest way to acquire (probably) all known neutrients in fair proportions will be to resort to good quality eggs and or milk (remembering their roles in nature). Thanks for the lecture - very very informative!

Magnesium is an essential mineral/nutrient required for more than 600 enzymatic actions in our body. Magnesium levels are also tied closely with the activation of vitamin D. Magnesium is involved in smooth muscle relaxation, neuroprotection, innate arm modulation, gut microbiome modulation, and much more. Let's look at the role of magnesium and importance of its levels to be correct in our body.

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