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Overview of the Pediatric Vaccination Schedules

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Oct 12 2018, 3:25 pm



Objectives of this lecture are:

  • Pediatric vaccines and the diseases they help prevent.

  • The typical primary pediatric vaccine schedule.

  • Some myths about vaccination.

 In this lecture Dr. Tammy Wang will discuss:

1. Objectives of the lecture. (1:01)

2. Common childhood vaccines: Diphtheria. (2:18)

3. Haemophilus influenza vaccine type B. (6:10)

4. Hepatitis A. (11:12)

5. Hepatitis B. (13:32)

6. Human papillomavirus vaccine. (19:02)

7. Influenza virus vaccine. (Orthomyxoviridae) (22:27)

8. Measles. (27:40)

9. Meningococcus vaccine. (33:07)

10. Mumps. (39:55)

11. Pertussis vaccine. (43:11)

12. Poliovirus. (52:27)

13. Pneumococcus vaccine. (55:13)

14.  Rotavirus vaccine. (59:09)

15. Rubella vaccine. (1:03:15)

16. Tetanus vaccine. (1:06:44)

17. Varicella infection. (1:10:26)

18. Vaccination schedule. (1:15:36)

19. Misconception against vaccines. (1:34:54)

20. Question discussion. (1:48:02)

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Tammy Wang, MD

Tammy Wang, MD

Dr. Wang is board certified in Pediatrics, Anesthesiology, and Pediatric Anesthesiology. She attended Stanford University for her undergraduate degrees. She graduated from Michigan State University’s College of Human Medicine. At MSU she was selected to be a member of the national medical honor society Alpha Omega Alpha.

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