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Metformin and General Considerations to Mange Type II Diabetes Mellitus (Managing Type II Diabetes Mellitus - Part 8. Webinar)

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Mar 10 2022, 3:49 am

I signed up for myself but mostly because I admire Dr Mobeen honourable man!!!



Oct 29 2018, 2:03 pm

If a renal status of patient is abnormal then metformin will increase in body, will this cause hypoglycaemia ?

Dr. Mobeen presents a clinician's approach to manage a type II diabetic patient. Following topics are discussed:

  • Lifestyle management:
    • Couseling
    • Diet
    • Exercise (150 mins per week.)
  • American diabetic academy (ADA) 2016 guidelines.
  • Metformin as the first line drug.
  • Discussion of mono, dual, tripple, and combination therapy with insulin.
  • Why combine metrormin with meals?
  • Metformin's half life.
  • Metformin's dose.
  • Metformin's function:
    • Hepatocyte effects.
    • Reduced gluconeogenesis.
    • Reduced lipogenesis.
    • Block lactic acid uptake.
  • A visual mnemonic to remember metformin and glitazones.
  • Considerations for patients that may have heart failure, renal failure, or perform rigorous exercises while taking metformin.
  • Why metformin is not indicated in type I diabetes mellitus?
  • B12 absorption reduction due to Ca++ channel blockade by metformin.

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