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Management of Asthma Part 3

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Feb 22 2020, 12:23 am

Beware: Sometimes cat fur causes asthma. :)



May 12 2020, 9:33 pm


Kindly upload video of Asthma Management asper new Gina 2019 guidelines

In this continuation of the asthma webinar, Dr. Mobeen presents the stepwise approach to managing asthma in patients presenting in the outpatient.

For your reference, the first part of the webinar is here.


Note: Stepwise management starts at minute 13.


Following topics are covered:

  • Diagnosis
    • Pulmonary function tests and the changes
    • Inhaled SABA based testing to confirm asthma.
    • Blood IgE tests
    • Imaging
    • Skin tests
    • Exhaled nitric oxide (NO)
    Stepwise management
    • Difference between relievers/rescue drugs, and controllers
    • Relievers/Rescue drugs/bronchodilators
      • B2 agonists
        • Short-acting (SABA)
        • Long-acting (LABA)
      • Anticholinergics
      • Theophylline
      • Inhaled corticosteroids
      • Systemic corticosteroids
      • Antileukotrines
      • Cromones
      • Anti IgE
    • Thermoplasty
    Management approach in the following stages:
    • Mild
    • Mild Persistent
    • Moderate persistent
    • Severe persistent
    • Very severe persistent

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