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Management of Acute Kidney Injury (Webinar Recording)

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Feb 14 2023, 2:46 am

This was very hepful. I work in a busy ER and we admit many patients with AKI.



Nov 13 2022, 3:18 pm

Great discussion

In this talk, Dr. Anam Tariq from John Hopkins discusses acute kidney injury and its management.

She discusses

  • What kidneys do
  • What is ultrafiltrate
  • Definitions of oliguria and anuria
  • What causes the kidneys to fail?
  • Epidemiology of acute kidney injury (AKI)
  • Types of AKI
  • Prerenal AKI
  • Pitfalls of BUN/Cr measurement and relying on these metrics
  • Interstitial AKI
  • Postrenal AKI
  • General management approach for AKI
  • UF vs. Diuretics



In this video we will learn about:

1. Importance and roles of the kidney in the body.

2. Definition of Acute Kidney injury.

3. Pathophysiology.

4. Types of AKI.

5. Acute interstitial nephritis.

6. Acute tubular necrosis.

7. Abdominal compartment syndrome.

8. General approach to AKI.

Presented by Dr. Anam Tariq

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Dr. Anam Tariq

Dr. Anam Tariq

Internist, Nephrologist

Dr. Anam Tariq is a nephrologist in Baltimore, Maryland. She received her medical degree from Edward Via Virginia College of Osteopathic Medicine and has been in practice between 11-20 years. Dr. Anam Tariq accepts Blue Cross, United Healthcare. She has also traveled to Honduras and Dominican Republic on medical relief trips, delivering medications to free health clinics, performing first aid, serving as first responder and teaching hygiene practices. Her volunteer work has been recognized nationally and she has been awarded the Presidential award from George W. Bush for the recognition of devoted service through national organizations, such as the Veterans Affairs and the American Osteopathic Association.

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