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Introduction To P Values and Power

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Dec 11 2020, 10:11 pm

Thank you for this explanation, this topic is difficult to understand. Your explanation does make it easier to understand. I look forward to more research type videos in the future.  

A.L. Fuselier 



Dec 11 2020, 2:47 am

Dear Dr Been,

Thank you so much for your this video. This topic was significantly difficult for me to undrestand till I watched this video. Looking forward for more videos on statistical analysis of scientific data. I am really greatful for the way you teach as it makes my training life so much easier.


Thank you

Introduction To P Values and Power

In this talk we will discuss at a high level the following concepts:
** Null hypothesis
** Type 1 error
** Type 2 error
** Power
** P value

We will use data from this study to calculate the p values

We will use the following calculator for the Chi Square calculation

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