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Immune System Function Part 1

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May 15 2023, 7:41 pm

Hello! I have a question about Neutrophils. You said that "they usually become more active during viral infections". Aren't lymphocytes the ones that increase during viral infections, while neutrophils are responsible for bacterial infections? Thank you!



Mar 25 2023, 3:43 pm

Excellent, very clear, logically organized and easy to follow presentation. Great cartoon illustrations. I suggest that you review some of the text for spelling errorts prior to entry into your new book.

In this talk we will present the first foundational set of concepts about the immune system. We will discuss the parts of the immune system. General properties of the innate and acquired or adaptive arms. Cells of the innate arm. Proteins of the innate arm. And, the functions of various aspects of the innate arm. In the next talk, we will discuss the overview of the adaptive arm.

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