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Hirschsprung - Long Terms Concerns (Pediatric Surgery Series Lecture 2) by Dr. Marc A. Levitt, MD

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Mar 23 2022, 5:24 pm

Drbeen I hope you read this so you know how much you are appreciated with all that you do. I watched the video about Hirschprungs. I sent both to my son. I thoroughly enjoyed it. My son, now 41 was born with Hirschprungs, he had 16 surgeries and nearly died on several occasions. I was told more than once if he lives through surgery your son will be ok. He was seen by the best pediatric GI surgeons of that time. Dr Matlak and Dr Kane, University of Utah and Primary children's, Dr Kauffman of Mayo Clinic, Dr Ament Valley Children's Ca. (He specialized in Chronic idiopathic pseudo obstruction), Dr. Johnson Seattle Children's hospital. Dr Bybee Sunrise children's hospital Las Vegas, who was his last surgeon and coincidently an intern at U of U during his first surgery 14 years prior. All of these Dr's were available to me via a phone call any time. There was a paper written about him and his condition was discussed during meetings of the minds back then, many dr's knew of his condition. We spent the better part of 8 years traveling to and living in hospitals. He suffered from several bouts of acidosis, had chronic enterocolitis, sepsis, staph infections that had entered his blood stream from an IV sight, and raw skin that was so painful from the ostomy sight that even today makes me cringe. His biopsy at birth came back showing ganglion cells, reason for years of illness and many surgeries. His last procedure required removal of all but 6 inches of his colon using a Swenson procedure. He does experience frequent bowel movements. The body is amazing and the small intestine assumed the responsibly of absorbing fluid. For someone who lived through caring for a child I was not offended by the pictures at all, those are the least of the problems. He has a good attitude knowing that perhaps his medical condition brought something good to other children following him. He has mentioned out of body experiences, once during surgery and another time while we were home. The later I can verify, he was 4. I am so happy to have found your channel I love biology and anatomy. I am now a medical massage therapist working with clients who have or have recovered from cancer and surgeries so I am always learning. Thank you again.








Oct 17 2022, 8:04 pm

Thank you for sharing these notes. Glad that your son is doing good. These surgeries are such delicate marvels. Salute to the medical professionals who help us all.

Dr. Marc A. Levitt, MD Discusses Hirschsprung - Long Terms Concerns

1 child out of 5,000 live births suffers from Hirschsprung disease. Let's discuss this illness with Dr. Levitt.
Dr. Marc A. Levitt's bio:

Marc Levitt is the Chief of Colorectal and Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery at Children's National Hospital, Washington D.C.  He has focused his clinical and academic career in helping patients with complex colorectal and pelvic problems.  He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania, his medical degree from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and his surgical training at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York and the Children's Hospital of Buffalo. He has previously directed the Colorectal Centers at Cincinnati Children's Hospital and at Nationwide Children's Hospital.  Dr. Levitt has published over 300 peer-reviewed manuscripts, 90 book chapters, and 4 books.  He has delivered over 500 national/international/local/regional presentations of his work and has been an invited visiting professor all over the world. Dr. Levitt has trained dozens of clinical fellows, research fellows, and students in his career and has directed numerous colorectal training courses attended by established surgeons and surgical trainees from all over the world. He dedicates much of his free time to mission trips around the world where he trains surgeons in complex colorectal surgical techniques.

Link to the department where Dr. Levitt works:

Topics to discuss today:
•Understand the diagnosis of Hirschsprung disease
•Recognize key signs of the disease and other conditions that mimic it
•Describe the diagnosis of Hirschsprung disease
•Understand the surgical treatments

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Marc Levitt - Employee Story | Children's National Hospital

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