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Gastrointestinal Bleeding

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Jul 24 2019, 6:26 pm

how can I get slides of the presentation?



Jul 04 2019, 3:51 pm

Nice overview. 



Jul 09 2019, 10:31 pm

Thank you!

Dr. Sameer will discuss the following in gastrointestinal bleeding.

  • Upper gastrointestinal bleeding (UGIB)
    • Definition
      • Lesions proximal to ligament of treitz
      History and physical examination
      • Hematemesis
      • Hematochezia
      • Melena
      • Peptic Ulcer Disease
      • Esophagitis
      • Gastritis
      • Initial Management
      • Management of Varices
      • Resuscitation
      • Endoscopic Management
  • Lower gastrointestinal bleeding (LGIB)
    • Definition
    • History and physical examination
    • Diagnosis
      • Diverticular Bleeding
      • Colon Cancer
      • Inflammatory Bowel Disease
      • Infectious Diarrhea
    • Treatment

Learning objectives of this video are the following:

1. Definitions of upper and lower gastrointestinal bleeding.

2. Symptoms.

3. Risk factors.

4. History and physical examination.

5. Diagnosis 

6. Treatment. 

Presented by Dr. Sameer Islam

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