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Flavonols Reduce Cognitive Decline (An Interview With Dr. Holland)

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Feb 12 2023, 10:43 pm

Great . I'd share this information to my patients ! Thank you both .



Jan 18 2023, 5:45 pm

What about the high Oxealic acid? factor in spinach and almonds that new studies are saying we should avoid because of the damage that they do? Forgive my dyslexia if I have the wrong word for the component that is found to be not healthy And has long-term effects? The interview I saw this really bothers me because on the keto diet those are some of the main things that I've been eating.

Thomas Holland MD, MS is an Assistant Professor in the Section of Community and Nutritional Epi and the Division of Translational and Precision Medicine at The Rush Medical College Chicago, IL. He is the lead author of the study that we discussed a few days ago. The researchers demonstrated that the use of flavonols was associated with a reduced rate of cognitive decline. Let's discuss this study and the related topics that can help us all keep our brain health better as we age.

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