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Evaluating Anemia

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Jan 15 2023, 11:34 pm

How do i apply for CME credit?



Jan 15 2023, 11:34 pm

I am charles Charles Hodges MD, 7898 WAlker Cup Dr Brownsburg IN 46112. This was a very good lecture. How do I apply for CME

By: Dr. Tabraiz Mohammed On June 15th 2016 Presented to the Advanced Practitioners Group

Learning objectives of this video are the following: 

1. Develop a framework to assist in the initial evaluation of an anemia
2. Differentiate between common types of anemia based on routine lab
3. Initiate an appropriate evaluation for:

  • Microcytic anemia
  • Normocytic anemia
  • Macrocytic anemia

4. Brief overview of management of anemia

Presented by Dr. Tabraiz Mohammed

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