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COVID Long Haulers - Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS) - Part 2 (Symptoms and Management)

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Mar 31 2021, 8:07 pm

 Dear Dr. Mobeen,

I found your talk on possible relationship between MCAS and long haul Covid to be very interesting.  Unfortunately it raises more question than are answered (which in some ways may not be bad).   Chief among these would be people with "normal" mast cells becoming activated (mutated) into abn MC due to excessive cytokines.  If this is the case, then it would imply that almost everyone who has had even mild covid symptoms or even a typical RNA virus infection (e.g. influenza) would develop some degree of post covid syn, and their immune system is forever altered to a more sensitive state.   Does this imply that nearly half of the world population could develop long haul problems?  Additionally, I did not see any mention of PGE2 and how it plays into MCAS as well as macrophage activation.

I am a retired neurologist but my clinical experiences has recently led me to learn more about immunology, particularly with mast cell phsiology.  I can't even imaging how busy you must be giving 2 to 3 UTube talks a day, as well as preparing your CE/CME lectures.  However, if you or one of your professional staff would be kind enough to contact me, I would be very pleased to share some information that could be extremely important.  Also, I would like to discuss with you a thought that I have had re retired physicians in general, and how they may still be able to contribute to the health and well being of others.


Ron Bukowy

COVID Long Haulers Mast Cells (Mast Cell Activation Syndrome - MCAS) Part - 2

Prevalence of the MCAS
Pathophysiology of the MCAS
Possible Solutions
Connection of the MCAS with COVID

Low dose Naltraxone therapy for POTS and MCAS

MCAS diagnosis

Major and minor criteria for MCAS and Mastocytosis

Study: Covid-19 hyperinflammation and post-Covid-19 illness may be rooted in mast cell activation syndrome

What are good mast cell stabilizers?

Study, Mast cells and COVID 19
Potential association of mast cells with coronavirus disease 2019

COVID-19, Mast Cells, Cytokine Storm, Psychological Stress, and Neuroinflammation

In this discussion we will talk about the following topics:

1. Will mast cells activation syndrome (MCAS) cause long-hauler symptoms?

2. How to manage MCAS to potentially manage COVID long-hauler

3. Review of the studies presenting MCAS syndrome and its similarity with the long hauler clinical presentation.

4. Dr. Afrin's proposed protocol to manage long haul syndrome in post COVID patients.


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Dr. Mobeen Syed

Dr. Mobeen Syed

MD., MSc., MSc., BSc

Mobeen Syed is the CEO of DrBeen Corp, a modern online medical education marketplace. Mobeen is a medical doctor and a software engineer. He graduated from the prestigious King Edward Medical University Lahore. He has been teaching medicine since 1994. Mobeen is also a software engineer and engineering leader. In this role, Mobeen has run teams consisting of hundreds of engineers and millions of dollars of budgets. Mobeen loves music, teaching, and doing business. He lives in Cupertino CA.


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