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COVID Long Haulers - Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS) Part - 1

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COVID Long Haulers Mast Cells (Mast Cell Activation Syndrome - MCAS) Part - 2

Prevalence of the MCAS
Pathophysiology of the MCAS
Possible Solutions
Connection of the MCAS with COVID

Low dose Naltraxone therapy for POTS and MCAS

MCAS diagnosis

Major and minor criteria for MCAS and Mastocytosis

Study: Covid-19 hyperinflammation and post-Covid-19 illness may be rooted in mast cell activation syndrome

What are good mast cell stabilizers?

Study, Mast cells and COVID 19
Potential association of mast cells with coronavirus disease 2019

COVID-19, Mast Cells, Cytokine Storm, Psychological Stress, and Neuroinflammation

In this discussion we will talk about the following topics:

1. What are mast cells?

2. What is mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS)?

3. How do mast cells function?

4. How do mast cells potentially take part in causing COVID long-haul syndrome?

5. Are the patients of the COVID long-haul had pre-existing MCAS?

6. What possible solutions are available to manage MCAS?


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