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COVID-19 Causes Long-Term Blood Cell Changes

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COVID-19 Causes Long-Term Blood Cell Changes

Researchers have proved that COVID-19 causes changes to the blood cell structures. These changes can last for several months in some cases. Let’s review.

Physical phenotype of blood cells is altered in COVID-19

Long-term changes to blood cells triggered by Covid-19 infection

Hypoxia and hypoxemia:

In this video Dr.Mobeen will discuss:

1. Observation by the authors of the study. (2:27)

2. Multiple mechanisms of development for the long haul. (4:23)

3. Significance of the study. (5:55)

4. Standard and process of test for measurement. (8:11)

5. Discussion about the outcome of the test. (13:28)

6. Explanation behind this process of changes happening in blood cells. (16:42)

7. Harmful outcomes secondary to the blood cells changes. (21:43)

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Dr. Mobeen Syed

Dr. Mobeen Syed

MD., MSc., MSc., BSc

Mobeen Syed is the CEO of DrBeen Corp, a modern online medical education marketplace. Mobeen is a medical doctor and a software engineer. He graduated from the prestigious King Edward Medical University Lahore. He has been teaching medicine since 1994. Mobeen is also a software engineer and engineering leader. In this role, Mobeen has run teams consisting of hundreds of engineers and millions of dollars of budgets. Mobeen loves music, teaching, and doing business. He lives in Cupertino CA.


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