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Corynebacterium Diptheriae

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Oct 24 2019, 2:01 am

When to start active immunisation in patients suffering from diphtheria and being treated with antitoxin?



Dec 19 2022, 6:38 pm

Not Active but Passive immunizations with Immunoglobin Diptheria 250u IM once

Gram +ive, nonspore forming rods. Usually arranged in V or L-shaped. These rods are club-shaped with beady appearance. Beads are filled with highly polymerized polyphosphate. This is how high energy phosphate bonds are stored. These beads appear metachromatic. Metachromatic means that these beads appear red when stained with a dye that stains the rest of the cell blue... Following topics are presented: *Properties *Target Population *Mode of Transmission *Pathogenesis *The mechanism of exotoxin *Clinical Findings *Complications *Treatment *Culture

In this video we will learn about :

1. Properties of Corynebacterium Diptheriae. 

2. Transmission. 

3. Pathogenesis.

4. Clincal disease, signs amd symptoms.

5. Diagnostics.

6. Treatment and management. 

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