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Clinical Overview of Cervical and Lumbar Pathologies (Part 1)

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Jul 20 2019, 4:14 am

I watched this vid and agreed with MUCH of it!!      I do Occ Med, so my patient demographics are different, but AGREE that movement EARLY is better!

Dr. Tim Wang presents: Evaluation of the cervical and lumbar pathologies. Sources of the pain. History taking Strains and Sprains Examination Disc Herniation Disc Degeneration Neck pain Spurling's test Straight leg raise test Hoffman Shoulder exam Clinical Presentation Radiculopathy vs myelopathy Imaging

In this video we will talk about:

1. Sources of the origin of spinal pain.

2. History points for lumber pain or lower back ache.

3. Clinical examination and radiological investigation for spinal or backache.

4. Lumber disc herniation and spinal stenosis - pathology and treatment

5. Neck pain, causes and differentials.

6. History and examination for cervical pathologies.

7. Cervical disc herniation and central canal stenosis - pathology and treatment.

Presented by Dr. Tim Wang

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