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Clinical Aspects of Hemolytic Anemia

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Feb 18 2023, 4:09 am

Excellent leacture.

Tabraiz Mohammed, MD, Hematologist/Oncologist presents an excellent talk on the hemolytic anemia. Following topics are covered: Hemolysis Defective Hemoglobin Abnormal RBC Membrane Abnormal Enzymes Other pathologies

In this video we will learn about:

1.Hemolyis and its presentation.

2.Anemia due to defective hemoglobin synthesis.


 b.Sideroblastic anemia

3.Anemia due to defective cell membrane.

 a.Paraoxysmal noocturnal hemoglobinuria.

 b.Hereditary spherocytosis.

4.Anemia due to abnormal enzyme action.

5.Autoimmune anemias.

6.Hemolytic Anemias due to drugs or infections.

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