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Clinical Applications of Anti-Histamine Medications (Part 1)/Common Cold

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In this lecture, Dr. Zaafran explores the clinical applications of anti-histamine medications.

What does the common cold look like?
What are the most common etiologies that lead to the common cold?
What the treatment regimens for the common cold?
What are anti-histamines and what are the types of receptors involved?
What body systems are affected by histamines and where are the receptors involved?
What is the Mechanism of Action of anti-histamines?
What are the side effects of anti-histamines?

In this video we will learn about :

1. Pathophysiology of common cold. 

2. Histamine receptors. 

3. Effects of histamine and antihistamine drugs.

4. Mechanism of action of antihistamines.

5. Therapeutic uses of antihistamines.

6. Side effects of antihistamines. 

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