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Chronic Inflammation - Pathogen Killing - Phagocytosis (Lecture 2)

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Jul 31 2022, 1:46 pm

Sir these videos are not playing,what are the procedure to play a video , does it need any vpn ???



Jun 23 2022, 2:14 pm

The mention of fasting, ATP production and the nitric oxide component caught my attention. Food, while it is part of the ATP component, can be a double edged sword. I.e., what we eat is important, both short term and long term. E.g., a high animal fat or high sodium meal, AGE's (or often a combination of each) can have an almost immediate effect on things like inflammation, endothelial funtion. On the other hand, our body converts the nitrates in plant foods to nitric oxide. i've wondered if this is how some southerners in the US seem to fare better than others eating a high fat diet, because they eat a large amount of "greens" with the meal? Maybe the plant nitrates help offset the deliterious effects of the high fat, sodium, AGE's?



Jun 23 2022, 4:31 pm

That is an interesting theory. I will have to research.

Chronic Inflammation - Phagocytosis (Lecture 2)

Let's discuss how neutrophils and macrophages capture and kill pathogens.


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