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Cardiovascular Anatomy Part 1

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Nov 19 2022, 1:17 pm

I'm very happy to member of drbeen lactures



Apr 28 2020, 3:41 pm

good day sir,

 i would just like to ask what application where i can see all the part of the heart as you have shown on the video.?

thank you so much sir, sorry i've ask its my desire to study medicine as an medics in our company, im a member of the PNP Special Action Force here in the Philippines. Im very lucky to have an opportunity to study with your lecture.

Cardiovascular issues are one of the most prevalent in the US and the world. It is essential for every great clinician to have a good grasp of the structure of the heart. Understanding and interpreting the heart sounds, murmurs, and EKG depend on the mastery of the heart's structure. 

This is your video to start the mastery of the structure of the heart.


In this video, Drbeen faculty, Dr. Adam Jones presents the structure of the heart. Following structural elements are presented and discussed. 
1. Heart's placement in the chest.
2. Chambers of the heart.
3. Chamber that we see from the front vs. back.
4. Epicardial fat.
5. Coronary vessels
6. Right Atrium.
7. Right Auricle.
8. Functions of an auricle.
9. Superior Vena Cava.
10. Inferior Vena Cava.
11. Coronary Sinus.
12. Interatrial septum
13. Fossa ovalis
14. Patent foramen ovalis and its consequence
15. Right atrioventricular valve or tricuspid valve
16. Right ventricle
17. Chordae tendineae
18. Papillary muscles
19. Trabeculae carneae
20. Tricuspid regurgitation
21. Pectinate muscle
22. Left atrium
23. Bicuspid valve or mitral valve
24. Mechanical valves25. Mitral valve regurgitation


Learning objectives of this video are the following: 

1. Heart in situ.

2. Introduction to four chambers of the heart.

3. Structures entering the right atrium and right ventrical.

4. Structural anatomy of tricuspid and bicuspid valves.

Presented by Dr. Adam Jones


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  • Adam Jones MD
  • Dr. Pei Purdom (DNP)
  • Dr. Benish Zahra
  • Dr. Iqra Batool
  • Dr. Heba Alzawahri

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