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Brain Fog and Other Symptoms In Long Haulers

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Apr 16 2023, 2:39 pm

See for info on COVID spike protein dissemination through the body from COVID vaccines.

Brain Fog, Myalgia, Depression, And Fatigue In Long-Haulers

Some long-hauler symptoms

Anosmia is an indication that COVID-19 has effected the glymphatic drainage. This results in waste products and inflammatory cytokines to collect in the brain parenchyma leading to the nervous system symptoms like fatigue, depression, brain fog, myalgia, etc.

What is the glymphatic system?

Outline of the glymphatic system

Can physical assessment techniques aid diagnosis in people with chronic fatigue syndrome/myalgic encephalomyelitis? A diagnostic accuracy study

Cerebrospinal fluid and its flow

In this discussion we will talk about:

1. Post COVID syndrome and neurological symptoms in long haulers. 

2. Distribution of fluids in and around the brain

3. Glymphatic system of the brain - dynamics and pathology in COVID-19. 

4. Therapeutic strategies for post COVID fatigue syndrome. 

5. Underlying mechanism of optimal functioning of glymphatic system with sleep patterns. 

Presented by Dr. Mobeen Syed

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  • Dr. Benish Zahra
  • Dr. Iqra Batool
  • Dr. Heba Alzawahri

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