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Basic Structure of the Skull

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Jun 08 2019, 11:57 am

Hi sir: I am a ENT resident doctor .so PLZ can you mack a new vedio illustrating every single bone alone espesially temporal,palatine, zigomatic and ethmoid bones



In this anatomy lecture, Drbeen faculty, Dr. Adam Jones discusses the basic structure of the skull.

The following structural elements are presented and discussed: 

1. Cranium

2. Facial skeleton

3. Frontal bone

4. Parietal bone

5. Temporal bone

6. Sphenoid bone

7. Coronal suture

8. Sagittal suture

9. Occipital bone

10. Foramen Magnum

11. Styloid process

12. Mastoid process

13. External occipital protuberance

14. External auditory meatus

15. Occipital condyles

16. Zygomatic arch

17. Zygomatic bone

18. Maxilla bone

19. Mandible

20. Lacrimal bone

21. Petrous part of the temporal bone

22. Squamous part of the temporal bone

23. Lamboid suture

24. Nasal septum

25. Nasal bone

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