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Basic Eye Examination

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Feb 23 2023, 2:59 am

Great video!



Nov 20 2022, 5:56 am

Thank you Dr Zaina for a very nice lecture

Dr. Zaina Al-Mohtaseb presents following topics:

  • Important points while taking the history of a patient with eye injury/pathology.
  • Vision testing.
  • Important points to keep in mind when checking the patient's pupils.
  • The importance of measuring pressure, and when not to measure.
  • External examination.
  • Examining the motility of the eye.
  • CVF

In this video we will learn about :

1. Basic Anatomy of the eye. 

2. Basic examination of the eye. 

3. Common ophthalmic issues in primary care settings.

4. Red eye and its common causes.

5. Ophthalmic emergencies. 

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