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Atypical Urinary Tract Infections: Common Challenges and Solutions

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Jul 04 2022, 5:05 pm

What about the possibilty of a viral problem?



Oct 16 2020, 7:14 am

Sound is terrible

Dr. Amr Madkour presents atypical cases of the urinary tract infections, diagnosis, treatment approach, and cases.

In this video we will learn about:

1.Genitourinary tract and its natural defenses.

2.Risk factors of contracting urinary tract infections.

3.Definitions of different genitourinary infections.

4.Pathogenesis and microbiology of UTIs.

5.Presenting Symptoms of UTIs.

6.Investigations and laboratory studies required.

7.Effective antibiotics,their mechanism of action and antibiotics resistance.

8.Different treatment options and approaches.

9.Recurrent UTIs

10.UTIs in elderly patients.

11.Case studies.

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  • Amr Madkour, MD
  • Dr. Pei Purdom (DNP)
  • Dr. Benish Zahra
  • Dr. Iqra Batool
  • Dr. Heba Alzawahri

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