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An Overview of Neuroprotective Mechanism of Methylene Blue

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Apr 19 2023, 5:27 pm

I use a powdered form of USP grade MB from (no connection with them). You can create whatever concentration you need, typical: 0.1% (w/v) up to 2.0% (w/v).



Mar 19 2023, 7:12 pm

What happened to the youtube videos?

Animal studies have demonstrated the neuroprotective role of methylene blue especially when administered within an hour of transient ischemic insult of the neurons. Methylene blue is antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and induces autophagy while reducing apoptosis. Let's review its mechanisms.


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Schematic illustration of the mTOR signaling pathway. AMPK indicates... | Download Scientific Diagram

Model of the AMPK and mTOR signaling network in mammalian cells. AMPK... | Download Scientific Diagram

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