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Melanoma by Dr. Thomas King

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Thanks for the insightful talk, Dr. King. Based on your experience, I am curious what your thoughts are on the intermittent vs. chronic sun exposure leading to an increased risk in superficial melanoma. Have you seen anything to suggest that perhaps there is a level of sun exposure that's "beneficial" in that continuous sun exposure increases melanin production and epidermal thickness that may actually protect against melanoma long-term? 

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An overview of the risk factors, and epidemiology of melanoma.

How to assess pigmented skin lesions.

Subtypes of melanoma covered.

Overview of staging,

5 year survival and treatments.

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Dr. Thomas King

Dr King is a consultant dermatologist at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, UK. He has an 80% clinical and 20% medical education job plan and teaches medical students from the University of Sheffield. Dr King does mix of clinics seeing inflammatory skin conditions and skin cancer work. Dr King has one surgical list per week, one paediatric dermatology clinic per week at Sheffield Children’s hospital and is part of the acute dermatology on call team in Sheffield.

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