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Burns Questions and Answers with Dr. Zeshaan Maan

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Hello! What degree do burns rule 9?

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In this session, we ask Dr. Zeshaan Maan questions about burn management. Our audience submitted questions and here are the questions that are discussed:
1. Robert Adams If we could boil down the early intervention to the simplest strategies, what early treatments confer the biggest “bang for our buck” in terms of survival and quality of life?
2. Dr. Zunira Ikram asks, my question is practically  what's the age criteria of burn for which a person can survive ??? & also is this dependent on management or not?
3. Rachell NP asks, in ER or urgent care when is a burn specialist needed?
4. Asadullah Yousafzai asks, I/V fluids and prophylactic antibiotics?
5. mhoppis65 asks, to pop or not to pop (blisters that is)?
6. Robert Adams asks, Ok, last question, as a burn specialist are there any new treatments or medicines or really anything new in the treatment of burns that particularly excites you or shows great promise ? What’s coming out that will be worth taking a look at?

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