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Burns: A comprehensive look at burn pathophysiology and clinical management

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If patient has lets say head and neck burn plus chest area  burn then how much would be TBSA burned ? Rule of nine has 9%for head and neck and anterior trunk has 18% but here only chest area is burn not the whole anterior trunk.

Ahmed Zaafran MD presents Burns Types of burns Pathophysiology Fluid shifts, infections, and electrolyte imbalances Differential diagnosis Management

In this video we will learn about :

1. Types of burns. 

2.  Assessment of burn damage. 

3. Parkland's burn formula for calculation of surface area. 

4. Fluid changes and multi organ failure following burn.

5. Fluid replacement and wound care protocols.

6. Management during acute phase. 

7.Surgical management. 



Ahmed Zaafran, MD

Ahmed Zaafran, M.D, is a practicing anesthesiologist at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center. He is also an adjunct clinical assistant professor of anesthesiology at Stanford University School of Medicine.