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Asthma Types and Clinical Pathophysiology

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All healthcare professionals must master the understanding and management of asthma. This lectures series helps us master asthma, its pathophysiology, diagnosis, and management. In this lecture Dr. Mobeen presents:

Asthma definition.
Asthma and COPD.
Asthma's pathophysiological triad.
Types of asthma including:

  • Phasic (Immediate and late).
  • Clinical types: Intermittent and status asthmaticus.
  • Aetiology: atopic, non-atopic.
  • Hygine theory.

Immune system abnormality to give rise to atopy.

Immune system behaviour for cytotoxic and humoral responses.

Airway structures that are affected by asthma:

  • Respiratory epithelial cells.
  • Mucoa and its glands.
  • Smooth muscles of the airways.
  • Submcosa, its glands, and nerves.
  • Fibroblasts.
  • T cells.
  • B cells.

Why are eosinophils the dominant players in asthma pathology?
Cytokines and chemokines active in asthma development.

  • IL2, IL3, IL4, IL5, IL13

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Dr. Mobeen Syed

Mobeen Syed M.D, MS Graduated from King Edward Medical University. Entrepreneur, Medical Educator, CEO and founder of Drbeen corp.

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