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Reactivated EBV from covid vaccine and anti-virals
Kate Nicoll - 2023-11-12 14:30:40
<p>It has taken over 2.5 years to finally be diagnosed with reactivated EBV from covid vaccine.&nbsp; My chart in 2/2021 shared I thought the vaccine led to a return of my EBV and gave me recurrent transverse myelitis.&nbsp; I have had over 125 doctor&#39;s visits, 18 ER visits, 15 or more stroke codes and 7 hospitalizations.&nbsp; I was able to decrease my EBV DNA Igg with N-ac and selenium, however have the option to start two different anti-virals - Vancyclovir and another.&nbsp; I want to strongly advocate for others as a social worker, as I have been pathologized by a major institution&nbsp;</p>