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Blood and Lactated Ringer
Samuel Cumbee - 2023-09-27 17:12:07
<p>Just watched the Medical Fallicies video where it talked about the use of delivering blood with LR and NS as a dilutant. I was looking for more information through studies that prove this.&nbsp;I wanted&nbsp;to get the studies that you are referencing as I&nbsp;am having issues finding this data.&nbsp;</p> <p>I would like to bring this up to my medical command as I believe that LR is a better fluid of choice for Patients in shock, wether traumatic&nbsp;hypovolemia&nbsp;or other shock. As LR it&nbsp;less acidotic while still allowing for the Patient to recieve electrolites and minerals to not have a&nbsp;shift into either hyper/hypokalemia or hyper/hypocalcaemia.&nbsp;</p>