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Topics Arragement
michael angel - 2023-08-22 02:22:28
<p>dr been team are making nice facelift of the web site. Some things that can be improve are topic arragement.</p> <p>Example: in microbiology topics you can find a lot of bacteria related to clinical science, due to be a member of dr been, I know there is a lot more of microbiology like virus videos&nbsp; found in others topics. The biggest example is you find Cero virus topics in the microbiology section so you find videos it looking around = wasting time.&nbsp;</p> <p>the 3d anatomy is also such a awesome idea will be nice if i has the previous click area while include the 3d section with topics.</p> <p>It si normal that some topics videos can be repeat in some areas so any topic cant be just exclusive of one area. Like some covid 19 relates and I say some, can appear in the covid-19 section and appear too in the microbiology section like those the describe the type of virus or the pathophysiology of covid-19.</p> <p>easier arragementof topics help to easier navigate pls deligth us with the full catalog of videos.</p>