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Ivermectin - Treat Parasitic diseases - USA
Perrywalton - 2023-08-15 11:40:27
<p><a href="https://www.genericcures.com/product/ivermectin-for-humans/"><strong>Ivermectin</strong></a>;, a medicine originally created to treat parasitic diseases in animals, has sparked interest due to its possible involvement in human health. It has been researched for its antiviral and anti-inflammatory activities, especially in the setting of viral infections such as COVID-19. According to certain studies, Ivermectin may limit the multiplication of certain viruses and reduce inflammation. However, its effectiveness and safety for these objectives are still being contested, and regulatory organizations have given conflicting recommendations. While research is ongoing, it is important to remember that Ivermectin should only be used under medical supervision, as misuse or self-medication might have negative consequences.<br /> &nbsp;</p>

Ivermectin - Treat Parasitic diseases - USA
michael angel - 2023-08-22 03:25:37

ivermectin original uses was human no veterinarian. ivermectin is being use by more than 80 millions humans around the world due to be effective plus low cost. Reseach related to antivirals properties were done previous covid -19 pandemia. Biggest reason to restrict Ivermecting where FDA actons plus suspension of licence os some U.S. Doctors. This is  anty-ethical and criminal economics action. If Ivermectin as a early treatment were authorized to the public, then, there will be no reason to authorized the emergency authorizations of the covid-19 = genetic therapy vaccine. So the efforts to erradicate the prescription of Ivermectin plus other types of effective tharapies be in the dark, so thing like this can be say all over the news} the salvation of humanity related to covid is only by the vaccine ( notice that the commercial psychology is the vaccine, never was a officialy commercial name given so you can relate to the more safer child vaccines that all we have) and like they say that the human body is not enough to deal with the disease ( ironically the human body need a capabable inmune system so covid-19 vacine can work). This is all marketing. The attack on Ivermectin was easy just say this a medication created for animal in news. The nice trick was that all happened due they were thinking they were following FDA rules.

Last, Ivermectin have some precaution that can be dangerous but compare to the more than 2.000 side effects of covid -19 vaccine. Documention given by Pfizer by court order in 2022). It si clear that Ivermectin is better by  a huge amount  over covid-19 vaccines.

In my personal treatment for covid -19 since the beguining is medication for asthma or bronchitis are the best therapy in early treatment of covid-19 form the beguining 2019 to 2023 leading to less hospitalizations plus treatment with magnesium zinc and vitamin D and shut off the tv. zyrtec is being used a lot by asthma patient and there was florida investigation of the benefit of zyrtec in covid and guess what nothing happened why. due to a lower cost medicstion can lead damage to the bigger profit of covid -19 vaccine the proper introduction of genetic manipulation to hummanity. Another 2020 Israel investigstion say that most potentially affected patient with covid-19 are asthmatic but in reality, asmhatic patient have lower symptoms and hospitalization, they dont understand why and I do is the early treatment of asmtha syptoms that help to stop the cascade of cytokine to take effect or at least became widely affect the system so lower   the effect of cytokine cascade.

did you rememeber the first shot of covid -19, after answer that, did you remember on those times early 2021 they told us that get te shot and that it. Then at the end of 2021 they release to the public that the shot only last 5 months. WOW 

HOW CAN THIS HAPPENED  and allow to happened they know the 1/2 life of this supposed therapy and they didnt say to nobody in this planet, that a criminal act and other nation know it and quietly they will take action and they will do it by the economis check how they will work againt the dollar.

You signed a paper where any they are not responsable of any harm  to you or family. now this conversation is not about medical ego is now about your family safety.

Due to know a lot of people in the medical field and do some polls , I know the devastation of covid -19 vaccines and not appear in the medical books beause there is no proper follow up of patients after the vaccine

I vaccine military peronnel  due to antrax decades ago and i know how many soldiers went to increase deterioration between 5-10 years

So they want to do the same with covid- 19 there some place like Puerto Rico that Experimental zone trying with ads making the person guilt of not continue covid-19 vaccines. There is no informed consent no follow up and no update news. Ironically a undergound data knoledge os the one giving the right information.

In the end which was worse the disease or the remedy

nation with leas than 20% vaccines already say bye to covid only nation with higher vaccine continue with prolong disease.

last can somebody give a least one value reason with a lot of metadata to why force child vaccine and then do it a early age

thanls to all heroes doctors that give the fight even censored (WHAT CENSORED THE FREE NATION SO THEY ONLY THING CENSORED WAS COVID -19 THEME EVEN FLAT EARTH WAS NOT CENSORED BUT COVID-19 MISLEADING TRUTH  THE ONly ONE CENSORED) I know how may in the not so long future will laugh to actual medical treatment and this plandemic.  All human rgth moral ethic violation were done. Hospital get incentive to trat covid-19 and guess whatt there a lot of false positive in hospital creating a chaos that doenst exist. Acomplete ward with positive covid-19 and when a family decide to do investigation the hospital denied it why because then the scheme can be out and the hosptial can even be closed setting false covid -19 patients using a one real postive swab so the receive incentice money for it.

It time get our pack together and understand this is more that we want to admit and take charge to the benefits of next generations

I thanks for this topic and speak of ivermectin is speaking of a lot of thing behind the curtain so the reason of s many topics withins this conversation.

Now the time to let other effective treatment to take the spotlight and not lead to a few people damage humanity health with this medical economic experiment at the expense fo the heath ofour families.


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Son Chi - 2023-08-23 15:49:20

<p>Technically&nbsp;Viruses are&nbsp;<em>obligate intracellular parasites, so I don&#39;t get the whole debate. Ivermectin is to treat parasites and a virus is a parasite. Without the host, the virus can&#39;t survive. You need to get rid of a virus, use ivermectin with zinc and C.&nbsp;</em></p>

Son Chi - 2023-08-23 15:49:20

<p>Viruses are obligate intracellular parasites, so I don&#39;t get the whole debate. Ivermectin is to treat parasites and a virus is a parasite. Without the host, the virus can&#39;t survive.&nbsp;</p>