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Pain Management
Robert Haining MD - 2023-07-15 06:37:02
<p>The congress just passed HR 467 th make Fentanyl class I and make it illegal to use .. I am semi retired and dont work in the hospital much anymore but when I helped direct a burn unit in oakland i used it alot and my friends use it in the ER. &nbsp;to make it a criminal offence to use it is unthinkable. &nbsp;the politics of opoids is not making suffering more improtant than taking care of patients. &nbsp;it would be helpful to have an episode about opoids, &nbsp;in 22 months in the hospital i did not have one resident that could tell me the difference between oxycodone and hydrocodone. thanks. bob</p>

Pain Management
Dr. Mobeen Syed - 2023-07-17 14:53:21

Dear Robert,

You are correct that the pain management meds are critically important for a lot of patients. The pendulum is swinging (incorrectly) to the opposite side now. First they allowed the misuse to occur, and now at the expense of the critically ill patients, they are moving to ban helpful drugs. They should instead figure out how medical use is preserved while illegal use is prevented.



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