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Quercetin vs. EGCG
Uzi - 2021-07-27 00:50:04

I-MASK protocol seems to recommend Quercitin with Zinc, and as I understood - Quercitin's main function related to COVID-19 mannagement is to serve as a Zinc ionophore. I also know that, EGCG is also a potent Zinc ionophore, and since there are claims that EGCG also helps certain sirtuins in fixing epigenetic problems, and since I like Chinese green tea, I wonder, if there is any reason to use Queretin instead, or besides of one cup of 500ml green tea in the morning.


Quercetin vs. EGCG
Son Chi - 2023-08-24 13:37:28

I would think they are interchangeable?
Green tea is rich in quercetin. A cup (about 100 ml) of green tea contains at least 2.49 milligrams of quercetin. 

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