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Vaccine complicatios
Kay Barone - 2021-03-26 16:17:45

My adult daughter experienced neurological effects following Pfizer 1st dose vaccine.  She did not have Covid previously.  Her experience and symptoms are similar to LH neurological issues, and this seems to add validation that the immune response is likely responsible for these symptoms.  She has had some success with some of the MCAS treatment, pllus Gabapentin, without IVM, but seems to have recurrent more acute episondes about every 7 to 10 days.  She is experiencing frustration in finding help for symptoms.  She is involved in 2 research groups and awaiting their results, but of course, they can't offer treatment information.  She is seeing a local neurologist and rheumatologist.  It seems like there would be some connection between LH's and people having these types of reactions.  They have started a group on FB to discuss among themselves.  There are about 30 members from across the world.  Nothing has been ID'd as a cause yet.  Could Dr. Been look into this?