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Question: could anybody tell me about Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., please?
Hayato Miyamoto - 2021-03-11 07:04:22

Could anyone tell me about the company in India called "Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd." about their credibility of their product Ivermectin?

I am Japanese and living in Japan, the current situation in Japan for Covid treatment is not good at all.  Unles you are already severe in symptom, you need to stay at home without any medication or medical support from doctors until either you recover or get worse (then get hospitalized).  FOr this reason, many people had died staying at home hoping for recovery but got worse suddenly and died.

I want to protect myself and my family.  I am 45 yeas male smoker for more than 20 years, having Varicose veins of the lower extremities ( I do not know if this is bad if I get Covid or not). 

As Ivermectin is not approved for Covid in Japan, I cannot get ivermectin prescribed in case I get covid.  Therefore I have purchased via internet the Ivermectin which was from Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.  Please refer to the website and the packege of Ivermectin for reference.

I have confirmed Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd via email that the product I got via internt is from their company by sending this company the pictures of the package (lot number etc). 


My question is if I can trust this company and trust the ivermectin I have purchased from this company. 

I would like to use this ivermectin if I get covid if the ivermectin I have now is safe.

I hope that I can get relifed here by getting the replies from you. 

Thank you very much for your support!!!

https://www.sunpharma.com/about-us/milestones抗寄生虫薬・コロナ治療薬候補 ストロメクトールジェネリック12mg