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Regarding data at facilities utilizing I Mask+ Protocol
DY - 2021-02-27 04:57:25

I am wondering what the rate of ICU transfers and the rate of mortality are for facilities such as East Virginia Medical School (Dr. Paul Marik's facility) that have adopted the I Mask+ Protocol.  This query isn't an attempt to discredit Dr. Marik's work in any way.  I am very intrigued by Ivermectin, but in all the interviews I have heard with Dr. Marik and Dr. Cory, I haven't heard them make mention of some hard numbers regarding their success in comparison to the national average.  Early on, they has stated that they had a 6.1% mortality rate using their MATH+ protocol, but haven't updated their numbers since the advent of ivermectin in their protocol.  I understand that raw data doesn't account for variables (patient population, severity upon presentation, resources availability, etc).  For instance, Dr. Ratjer practices out of Florida where there are a higher population of elderly citizens. Presumably, there would be a higher number of severe COVID presenting in his practice given that age is considered one of the highest risk factors for COVID severity.  Does his practice see fewer deaths compared to his colleagues in Florida (142 deaths per 100,000 as of 02/26/2021 https://www.statista.com/statistics/1109011/coronavirus-covid19-death-rates-us-by-state/)?  I realize that the numbers are for internal hospital use only (who would want to go to a hospital that had a known mortality rate higher than the national average), but these doctors aren't afraid to put their reputation on the line.  If the rate of ICU transfers from the internal medicine ward and their rate of ICU mortality is significantly lower at an institution that has adopted the I Mask+ Protocol, that would be useful information (like Dr. Marik noting Dr. Fauci uses Vitamin D and Vitamin C even though the NIH doesn't make any recommendation regarding these vitamins to reduce the likelihood of developing severe COVID).  I understand the hesitancy of providing anecdotal information, but I find giving institution information more valuable than saying my patients are doing well with ivermectin.  Dr. Marik has spoken out against the need to do large, multi-center, double blinded studies in the midst of a pandemic.  I would hope he and his colleagues   Again, I am not seeking to discredit the work of people who I feel are far smarter than I.  Dr. Syed, you stated that you might have Dr. Marik back again a couple of weeks to answer questions.  Would you ask him this question and perhaps to update their numbers on the FLCCC website to reflect the MATH+ numbers vs the I Mask+ numbers?  Thank you.

Regarding data at facilities utilizing I Mask+ Protocol
DY - 2021-02-27 05:03:38

Sorry, I lost my train of thought and there is no edit button.

I would hope that he and his colleagues would share their experiences regarding their care overall in comparison to institutions that do not utilize their protocol (which I imagine are still many).

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Matthew Isaacs - 2021-04-10 18:33:59

I think your suggestion/idea is a good one!