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DrBeen debunked Dr. Cahill’s assertions!!
Foods4Medicines - 2021-02-07 00:27:00

Dr. Been kept saying he spent too much time to debunk Dr. Cahill’s assertions in the following video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SURQ6OFwTQ8&t=46s

I disagreed because the time was well spent to clarify many arguments which are very important to people like me. As Dr. Been, I am a chemical engineer and computer programmer. I had spent more than 40 years in dynamic simulations and control systems, include my Ph.D. dissertation, for many complicated systems, such as plant explosions (similar to our runaway immune system), etc. Many problems were originated from ignoring or using invalid mechanisms, or ignoring the integrated self-enhanced interactive mechanisms. In my opinion, the following discussed mechanisms are very important for the safety of the covid-19 vaccines.

I like Dr. Been’s saying “Judge by mechanisms and watch for the clinical data.” However, we have to keep in minds about our limitations that we don’t know all interrelated mechanisms yet and some clinical data have biased. For instance, zinc has been on purposely to exclude from HCQ to prove its efficacy, and the mainstreams have been trying to suppress the efficacy of IVM disregarding so many clinical trial data proved it. By comparing the quality of the clinical data about IVM and Remdesivir and their costs, you can see how much bias exists. It is sad to note that money and politics have been weighted much higher than people’s life.  

I agree with Dr. Been that several Dr. Cahill’s assertions were against our common understanding of the mechanisms in virology even she is a molecular biologist. However, I still have two following troubles to understand Dr. Been’s mechanisms, and I hope he can explain even if I had already tried several times in this forum under “• • The destiny of our cells after hosting a vaccine?” and “**The destiny of our cells after hosting a vaccine II”. I will keep trying until he explains or he refuses or asks me to stop it explicitly.

  1. All of our cells can potentially host the lipid nanoparticles from Moderna or Pfizer and they will eventually be destroyed by our immune systems, which Dr. Been agreed. Could Dr. Been explain the mechanism how we can confine the particles only inside fibroblasts or muscle cells and prevent them from going into our bloodstream to bump and fuse with the other cells. He did explain in a video briefly that the proteins will be destroyed by our immune system in case they get into bloodstream, but I disagreed because they are packed inside the lipid particles, to be absorbed, instead of being present as mRNA proteins, to be attacked. Some of these host cells might be vital or fatal for us and what would be the consequence if they were destroyed? Should we accept the vaccines as a Russian roulette when it was injected into our upper arm and pray with hope that they will not get into our bloodstream?
  2. Dr. Been keeps saying that the RNA vaccines will not mess up with our own DNA in nucleus and they will be destroyed after releasing RNA into cytoplasm to make the spike proteins. Could Dr. Been explain the mechanisms? The only mechanism I can understand is that the host cells will be destroyed by our own immune system. Based on Dr. Vincent Racaniello, from Columbia University, our genomes and viromes adopt more genes from virus than our own genomes from evolutions. Thus, we need to explain the mechanism how to prevent the Covid-19 virus to mess up with our genomes or viromes, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jX3MhWWi6n4&t=918s.
  3. The mechanism of the lipid nanoparticles carried inside our bloodstream. This is related to if the particles will be destroyed by our immune system in bloodstream as discussed in (1). There are two mechanisms that lipid particles can be carried in our bloodstream (see the following link): (1) as the long chain lipids, they are packaged into chylomicrons and cholesterols; (2) as the middle chain lipids, they diffuse into our portal system and bound to albumin. Because of their small particle sizes, I suspect the nanoparticles of vaccines would take the second route and would be easier to be accessible to all of our cells include brain without being destroyed by our own immune system.