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**The destiny of our cells after hosting a vaccine II
Foods4Medicines - 2021-02-03 03:48:04

Dr. Been:

After your 2nd reply to “The destiny of our cells after hosting a vaccine II,” there are no “Report” “Reply” buttons, and I tried to reply to your previous “Reply” button, but my reply vanished. I am not sure if this is the hint that you don’t want any further discussion or not. I assume this is not the case, and I start another “** The destiny of our cells after hosting a vaccine II” to see if we can continue the discussion.

In your previous reply, you said “This is a natural immune system behavior that the cytotoxic T cells will destroy any cell exhibiting an antigen that they (cytotixc t cells) recognize provided that these cytotoxic t cells are triggered by IL2 from the Th1 cells, which in turn need IL12 from the innate arm.” This is consistent with my understanding from the textbook of immunology.

However, now you changed it to “Host cells usually are not killed enmass that the tissue becomes disabled with these vaccines.” Could you elaborate the mechanism that our cytotoxic T cells only disable the cells without destroying them? Does your disabling include dysfunctioning and what is its difference from destroying?

You did not answer my other question that if the lipid nanoparticles can bump and fuse with any cell in our body, including if it can across BBB. I am trying to learn the mechanism from you how the vaccines are confined only to fibroblasts and muscle cells, instead of the other cells, as their host cells.

I am trying to convince myself that the vaccines are not like a Russian roulette.