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Ivermectin Mechanism of Actions
Mobeen Syed, MD - 2021-01-25 17:29:50

Ivermectin performs the following ways:

  1. It hinders the binding of the SARS-COV-2 spike protein with the ACE2 receptor on our cells.
  2. It disrupts the RdRp enzyme of the virus reducing the viruse's replication.
  3. It disrupts the 3-chymotrypsin like protease enzyme of the virus, resulting in the reduction in virus replication.
  4. It disrupts the importin alpha and beta of our cells. These proteins are used by the virus to send messages to our nucleus not to defent itself. Ivermectin disrupts these messages resulting in better cellular defense by our tissues.

Ivermectin Mechanism of Actions
Paul Fletcher Murray - 2021-11-23 08:05:03

Hi Dr. Syed,

Background: You're great. Your explanation of Ivermectin's MOA caused me to adopt it for my wife and I back in March of 2021.  We're over 75 but still have zero interest in the vaccines. My wife has COPD. I have atrial fib. But we feel like we're as protected as we need to be. I know you had the morderna and I seem to remember your wife not getting vaxxed or maybe I'm wrong on that.  Anyway, seeing Dr. Tess Laurie's data about Ivermectin's efficacy preventing Covid-19 by 87-93% among workers and contacts trials, and the other prevention trials that saw an 88% reduction in infection make me feel much more protected than any of the vaccines. Plus IVM interferes at four stages of the SARS-COV-@ and Covid-19's growth "cycle". This prevented deaths in 75-83% in the IVermectin group. These stats convinced me it was the best way to go. I'm curious why you did the moderna vaccine. Do you think being vaccinated lowers the risk of infection or something else i'm not seeing.  BTW, I'm terrified of hospitals grimly administering Remdesivir though it had fewer trials than IVM but they've been ordered to only treat with Remdesivir.

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Ivermectin Mechanism of Actions
Andrew Boissiere - 2021-06-16 19:40:08

Hi everyone,

I am looking for a comprehensive set of protocols for ivermectin for adults and children. can anyone point me in that direction?

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Elizabeth - 2021-06-16 23:49:34


Highly Recomend that you check out the FLCCC Aliance for all things COVID. And Dr Been's wonderful educational videos of course.


Ivermectin Mechanism of Actions
Elizabeth - 2021-06-07 01:36:28

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Ivermectin Mechanism of Actions
Elizabeth - 2021-06-07 01:21:27

Dear Dr. Been,

I am a huge fan.  I have been listening/watching your videos every single day since I first came across them on the internet.  Also signed up for a life time membership and anticipate listening to your lectures for a long, long time. :)

I have a question for you....  You indicated that Ivermectin can cause brain damage/harm to an individual who does not have an 'intact blood brain barrier'.  Does this mean an individual who is  suffering from menengitis?  Do you know if Ivermectin would be a problem for someone with Multiple Sclerosis?

Thank you,

BeenieWeenieMom (I have a Weenie Dog - Mini Dachshund).

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Elizabeth - 2021-06-16 13:10:25

Dear All, Dr. Been kindly answered this question in the following video:


Thank you Dr. Been for your incredible service to all of us and your service to Humanity in general!!!!!


Ivermectin Mechanism of Actions
Zoltan Andi - 2021-03-29 19:17:25

When getting vaccinated while on ivermectin prophylaxis can the presented spike proteins bond with ivermectin and create the problem of generating antibodies that are not the proper match for the spike protein of the original covid virus? Once infected with the real virus the antibodies may not properly neutralize it. Also the immune system may not have the right memory response. We urgently need clarification on this issue. Is the new information on ivermectin's ability to also bind with the spike protein a game changer necessitating the discontinuation of Ivermectin prophylaxis weeks before vaccination?

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Zoltan Kovac - 2021-07-02 09:02:58

Hey Zoltan Andi! I'm guessing right and are you from Hungary? If yes, we could get in touch and discouss this question.


Ivermectin Mechanism of Actions
Cari Carothers - 2021-02-22 00:11:20

Dr. King Been!

I'm a great fan of your lectures.  I'm posting this info in my local next door app...I can't believe no one knows about this! 

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Ivermectin Mechanism of Actions
Sumeet Kaisare - 2021-02-05 08:21:50

I hope I have corrected all the spelling mistakes in my previous post.... 


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Ivermectin Mechanism of Actions
Sumeet Kaisare - 2021-02-05 08:21:07

Good Day Dr Been, 

I am generally at my OPD followed by surgeries in India when you have your live sessions in the morning here.... However I never miss a single session... I view it every time I get free and am fully updated....


I have an article which is on ivermectins main role and here I see a few more roles like ionophone and so on....


Please go through the article and add it to the list of ivermectin if you find it worthy doctor...

You make explanations simple so would like you to review this one too..




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Ivermectin Mechanism of Actions
Foods4Medicines - 2021-02-03 16:10:46

The spike proteins from vaccines are only to destroy the COVID-19 viruses thru antibodies or to prevent them from entering our cells thru ACE2 receptors. However, there are still chances that the viruses might escape and enter our cells, and the vaccines won't be able to do nothing about them. Under this circumstances, IVM could be complementary to vaccines as a next line of defense. Should Dr. Been advocate using IVM as prophylaxis with vaccines, or it is unnecessary because of low viral load?

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Ivermectin Mechanism of Actions
Foods4Medicines - 2021-02-03 03:53:17

One alternative to IVM for consideration is topical solution by spraying to skin from "Durvet." It consists of 5mg/mL.

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Ivermectin Mechanism of Actions
Mark Emmer - 2021-02-03 00:20:10

Dear Dr. Mobeen,

With the rollout of vaccines, those of us following the full I-MASK+ prophylaxis protocol (including 0.2mg/kg IVM) have to wonder whether any of the listed mechanisms of action could interfere with the vaccine.  That is, should we discontinue Ivermectin N weeks before receiving a vaccine?  The FLCCC FAQ says no:

At this time, and after speaking with the vaccine experts, we do not believe that ivermectin prophylaxis interferes with the efficacy/immune response to the vaccine, however it must also be recognized that no definitive data exists to more specifically answer this question. However, given that maximal immunity from the vaccines is only achieved 2 weeks after the second dose of vaccine, it is reasonable to take bi-weekly ivermectin until this time point.

Given the number of people who will be facing this choice, this subject would be worthy of your consideration.

Thank you for all your work educating non-medical people like me.


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Ivermectin Mechanism of Actions
EddieLay - 2021-02-01 15:03:32

I have just sent your video to c4investigations@itn.co.uk


The best news investigation program in the UK (In my opinion) with the title "Investigate why Ivermectin is not being used as primary Covid treatment"

I also sent them the link to the the FLCCC website - https://covid19criticalcare.com/.

They may respond - I can't be sure.

It was only last week that ivermectin appeared in an article in The Times newspaper in the UK.

I have bought 2 packs of horse paste just in case. I am wary of using it because I have had a heart attack in 2012. I am fit now but I can get arrythmias (after drinking too much wine usually) which make me think I am having a heart attack. But I have a cure for that. A large glass of red wine Immediately Or stong Cayenne pepper tea. Both work immediately.

Thankyou Dr Mobeen for educating me and keeping me informed on Covid. I think you have done a marvelous job.

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Ivermectin Mechanism of Actions
Charles Scott DPM - 2021-01-27 22:33:54

Dr Mobeen,

I love you lectures on SARS Covid 2, esp the pictures. They make it so easy to remember the info.

Here is my question; I have been skiing at Vail Co for a month, out in the cold weather all day. Is the SARS Covid 2 inactivated with Temps between 8 to 29 degrees F?

And do I really need to wear a mask in Sub freezing weather to stop the spread of Covid while on an open chair lift?

Keep up the with the lectures, I have learned a lot. Passed the Ivermectin info to 2 Dr. that I know because they had no idea that Ivermectin could be used for SARS Covit 2. One is going to use the I Mask protocal.


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Ivermectin Mechanism of Actions
Henri - 2021-01-27 18:32:18

Can the SARS-CoV-2 virus ever become resistant to Ivermectin?

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Ivermectin Mechanism of Actions
Richard Green - 2021-01-27 17:41:40

I have seen your overviews of IVM and its effect on inflamation with Covid.  Great stuff !!!!  Your videos convinced me on IVM use two months ago and I bought four boxes of horse paste before our local farm store ran out.  Over time I have taken four  X  12 mg IVM equivalents of paste (tastes like vaseline).  I experiment for my wife's sake.  She is immuno-suppressed.  Can IVM suppress other forms of inflamation?  I am 70 yrs old and have many sports injuries, two joint replacements, and HAD a lot of pain due to inflamation at the old injuries.  Lately with IVM the pain is greatly reduced, I think.  Is it wishful thinking on my part?

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Lisa Cisneros - 2021-01-28 23:01:46

Hi Richard, I also bought the horse paste but have been putting off taking it because I wonder if it's actually distributed evenly in the tube. For instance, I have multiple dogs and was told not to buy the chewy pills for the large dogs and then divide them in half to give to two of the smaller dogs. Even though it would be more cost effective, they said they were not sure if the medication would have gathered all on one side of the chewy or not. Im wondering if you had heard anything like that about the paste.

For those of you wondering why we are buying HORSE paste, it's because (at least for me) can't find a Dr to prescribe Ivermectin for COVID, especially not as a prophylactic in the U.S.  I have the Ivermectin in my kitchen cupboard for the dogs (which you also need a prescription for), but it's not enough for a human dosage and is pretty expensive. 


Ivermectin Mechanism of Actions
german - 2021-01-27 12:19:24

scheme for taking medication ...

Each box contains 4 pills of 6 mgs.

Day 1 ... You should take two in the first feeding (12 mgs)

Day 2 ... rest

Day 3 ... repeat the dose of the first day Repeat this scheme every month

does this scheme could be the one for really be inmune to covid? or should be added more dose and days?

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Ivermectin Mechanism of Actions
Sumeet Kaisare - 2021-01-27 10:06:35

Good day doctor....

I was just wondering that half life of ivermectin is 18 hours. It is said that any drug is completely eliminated from the body after 51/2 times it's half life ....

So in case of ivermectin it comes to around 90 hours which is around 4 days....

Considering the above fact can we consider it to be safe when administered weekly dosages? Or any other factor would have to be taken into account to certify the safety?

Please comment doctor 

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Ivermectin Mechanism of Actions
german - 2021-01-27 03:23:04

what can improve the consumption of zinc in our cells? zinc plus hydroxychloride?

or what else?



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Ivermectin Mechanism of Actions
Johnny Bjelkaroy - 2021-01-26 17:52:51

Thanks for a great job. Have you seen



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Dr. Mobeen Syed - 2021-01-26 18:07:50

No I did not. Took the link for reading and then hopefully discussing it.

Thank you sharing.


Ivermectin Mechanism of Actions
Arie Spitzfaden - 2021-01-26 13:09:04

For "long haulers", how does ivermectin quiet the immune system?

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Mobeen Syed, MD - 2021-01-25 18:25:53

The two hypothetical mechanisms are:

  1. Ivermectin interfering with any hidden virus functions, by blocking their cargo proteins, replication, etc.
  2. Ivermectin reduces inflammation by blocking/suppressing the NF-Kb pathways of inflammation triggered by the pathogens or the immune system.

I think, Ivermectin, does not cure the situation. However, it helps to keep it under control and helps reduce the viral load. 

Again, hypothetical so far.


Ivermectin Mechanism of Actions
Sumeet Kaisare - 2021-01-26 08:42:20

Good day Dr Been, I have been a covid volunteer in India and treated many covid patients since many months. I am personally taking weekly ivermectin prophylaxis and recommend weekly prophylaxis to my patients, contacts and others.

The other day my brother who again is a doctor got a severe covid infection and was hospitalised. We are a family of 13 in all, who are his close contacts and hence I felt the need to inform you that non of us have been tested positive on two RTPCR test reports...
Mostly likely due to gods blessings and ivermectin prophylaxis (MY BROTHER WAS NOT SERIOUS ABOUT TAKING IVERMECTIN).

Also a mention here, those whoever I have advised ivermectin, either patients, contacts or friends have not yet been infected..
I have been your fan throughout and watching your videos on YouTube very very regularly. I have also registered on your website lately...
From my personal experience I highly recommend ivermectin, although occasionally you might land up with covid infection despite ivermectin but will be of mild intensity...

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Dr. Mobeen Syed - 2021-01-26 18:07:51

Interesting anicdote Sumeet. Thank you for sharing. Hope your brother recovers fully and soon.

I am super pumped to hear about the family members using Ivermectin prophylaxis and are protected. 

Stay blessed.



Ivermectin Mechanism of Actions
James Carl - 2021-01-26 06:02:23

Have their been any studies of Ivermectin and epilepsy.  I don't know that epilepsy effects the blood brain barrier.  Thanks

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Dr. Mobeen Syed - 2021-01-26 21:52:44

I am not aware of such studies.


Ivermectin Mechanism of Actions
1xstew - 2021-01-26 03:46:49

If . . a big if , if Ivermectin was approved how long would it take to end the pandemic? 

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Ilias Moratis - 2021-01-25 18:25:54

Hello Dr Been.

I have read somewhere that you should not drink coffe the time you take ivermectin. Is that true? and what about a decaf coffee with of course a small amount of caffeine?

I ve had also a question about alcohol but in the last small chat talk you uswered that there is no problem with logic amounts of alcohol. I drink some beers with no alcohol (0,05 % alcohol) now that i take  IVM as prophylaksis and decaf coffee also.

And a lst question how much time you think needs our body to clean from IVM once we stop using it?  I have read that in our fat tissues can be stored for a long period of time.

Thank you.



Dr. Mobeen Syed - 2021-01-26 21:52:43

If approved and used widely. We will stop the pandemic in a week's time.


Ivermectin Mechanism of Actions
Mobeen Syed, MD - 2021-01-25 17:34:40

Here are the references to the functions:

  1. Ivermectin and the spike protein binding: https://iv.iiarjournals.org/content/34/5/3023
  2. Ivermectin disrupting importin alpha and beta: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3327999/
  3. Ivermectin as RdRp inhibitor: https://www.researchsquare.com/article/rs-73308/v1
  4. Ivermectin as the 3-Chymotrypsin like protease inhbitor: https://www.nature.com/articles/s42003-020-01577-x


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Mobeen Syed, MD - 2021-01-24 19:50:55

Good points.


Arie Spitzfaden - 2021-01-27 18:26:40

Dr Mobeen Syed,

please review this preprint on "long haulers":


Best regards,

Arie Spitzfaden, PharmD